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Serabond Outdoor Thread

  • Serabond is a bonded polyester thread with outstanding UV resistance suitable for outdoor applications such as marine, motorcycle seats and convertible cars. Weathering effects require products whose technical properties do not change over several years of weather exposure. Through modern processing technologies and the usage of special dyestuffs, both maximum tensile force and colour fastness remain on a high level, even after 300 hours of testing.

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  • COMPOSITION: Bonded polyester continuous filament 
    TICKET: 20 / 30
    TEX: 135 / 90
    LENGTH: 3,000 / 1,200 yards 
    WEIGHT: 16 oz. / 4 oz.
    NEEDLE SIZE TEX 135: Nm 130 - 150 (No. 21-23) / TEX 90: Nm 110 - 130 (No. 18-21)

    • high-performance bonded special sewing thread for outdoor applications
    • extremely durable
    • resistant to untwisting and therefore suited for multidirectional sewing
    • outstanding UV resistance due to special dyestuffs
    • weathering test according to ISO 4892-1 and ISO 4892-2
  • Ships in 1-2 business days via UPS Ground.