Black Leather - Sample Set

  • The essential sample set that no upholsterer can go without! From smooth to grainy, from matte to shiny and everything in between, the Relicate Black Leather Sample Set contains 9 samples including: Carbon Black, Napa Black, Full Grain Black, High Sheen Black, G-Grain Black, Enhanced Grain Black, Fine Pebble Grain Black, Mercedes Catania Grain Black and BMW Dakota Grain Black. 


    Carbon Black 101

    Napa Black 1802

    Full Grain Black 1069

    High Sheen Black 1407

    G-Grain Black 4012

    Enhanced Grain Black 1313

    Fine Pebble Grain Black 4110

    Mercedes Catania Grain Black 1614

    BMW Dakota Grain Black 1518

  • Sample Set ships in 1 business day via USPS First Class Mail.

    Hides ship in 1-3 business days.