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  • Here you can add skiving to your order. QTY is per quarter, half or center-cut hide.

    Skived leather, also known as split leather (or leather splitting) is a process that thins a leather hide. We skive leather typically for clients who want to wrap a dash or other hard panels. The most common request is a half hide skived to .8mm, however we can split any piece up to 52" wide. A 52" wide piece requires the purchase of a full hide that will in turn be center-cut.

    We can also skive leather provided by the customer. Click or tap the DETAILS tab above for shipping address.

    Click or tap here for a skived leather sample.

    Turnaround time for our skiving service is two business days.

    TIP: An automotive dash requires a half hide.

  • Leather skiving, also called shaving or splitting, is the process where leather is run through a machine that reduces thickness. Automotive upholsterers will commonly have leather skived to make wrapping panels easier. Dash boards, center consoles and other panels that have tight curves are some examples. Other situations include areas that have tight tolerances or small gaps where a standard leather would be too thick to fit. Get a sample here.


    • We recommend a minimum thickness of .7 mm. Anything lower can compromise the integrity of the leather.
    • Our current capabilities include skiving half hides or panels up to 52" wide.
    • Turnaround time is typically 2 business days.
    • We can skive leather purchased from Relicate or your own leather.
    • Leather to be skived should be shipped to:
    Relicate LLC
    309 W Montgomery St.
    Johnstown, NY 12095
  • Ships UPS Ground in 2-7 business days.