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Serabraid Waxed Thread

  • Serabraid is a braided polyester waxed hand sewing thread used for multiple applications including steering wheels and handcrafted leather goods. Waxed thread has many advantages that you'll love! 

    Waxed thread . . .

    • helps seams stay tight while stitching
    • reduces tangling and twisting
    • slides through leather easier
    • reduces fraying
    • increases durability, rot and water resistance
    • gives your product a professional look


    • 48 colors
    • 500 meter length
    • TEX 600, 16 ply thread
    • Flat profile approx. 1mm wide

    TIP: Color numbers are the same as Serafil!

  • COMPOSITION: Waxed Braided Polyester 
    TEX: 600 
    FINISH: T90 
    WIDTH: Approx 1mm 
    LENGTH: 500 meters 
    SPOOL WEIGHT: 10 oz. 
    PLIES: 16

  • Ships same day if order is placed by 2pm EST