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Relicate Micro-Fiber Cleaner

  • RELICATE™ MICRO-FIBER CLEANER is specifically developed for use on all major brands of micro-fiber and synthetic suede fabrics including Alcantara®. Micro-Fiber Cleaner removes dirt, ink, body oil, food, coffee, and other stains in automotive and home upholstery. Deep penetrating foaming action dissolves and lifts soils for easy removal.


    Formulated specifically for micro-fiber and synthetic suede fabrics.
    Deep penetrating power removes dirt, odors and stains with foaming action.
    Pleasant fragrance for a fresh automotive interior
    Made in the USA by leather manufacturers!


    Some surfaces are inherently sensitive to cleaners. Spot test all surfaces first to determine color fastness and surface integrity.

    1. Always pretest on a hidden area to determine finish stability, then test in exposed area with a cloth. After testing, inspect area. If color is transferred from fabric to a cloth after wiping, discontinue use of this product or any other cleaning product. Contact a professional upholstery repair technician.

    2. Spray an ample amount of cleaner onto a damp cloth, sponge or horsehair brush (preferred).

    3. Work the liquid into a lather over the area to be cleaned. Allow the foam to dry on the surface. (5-15 minutes depending on atmospheric conditions)

    4. Once dried, remove foam, soil and stains with a vacuum or wipe carefully with damp cloth. Use a horsehair brush to restore fabric nap.

    • Ships in 1-2 business days.