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Groz-Beckert 135x17 Titanium Nitrate Needles

  • Point Style: RG Point 
    Needle System: 135x17 (Same as DPx17 and SY 3355) 
    Coating: Titanium Nitrate (GEBEDUR®) 

    • Standard for chain stitch. For use on woven fabrics, microfiber, leather and artificial leather and coated fabrics.
    • Round point with slightly rounded tip
    • Recommended for vehicle seats

    In demanding sewing processes, for instance when sewing hard materials and material combinations, needle wear often occurs, particularly in the point and eye area. The special GEBEDUR® surface coating provides the needle with increased wear resistance, allowing it to withstand extreme conditions much longer.

    Special features

    • Titanium nitride surface coating
    • Higher degree of hardness than with standard needles


    • Higher protection against wear and damage, primarily in the point and eye area
    • Consistently high standard of seam quality
    • Longer service life of needles
    • Increased productivity

    Recommended GEBEDUR® Needles for Serafil thread

    • Use Size 19 (Nm 120) for TEX 70 (Size 40) and TEX 90 (Size 30)
    • Use Size 21 (Nm 130) for TEX 90 (Size 30) and TEX 135 (Size 20)
    • Use Size 22 (Nm 140) for TEX 135 (Size 20)
    • Use Size 23 (Nm 160) for TEX 210 (Size 15)
    • Use Size 24 (Nm 180) for TEX 210 (Size 15) and TEX 270 (Size 10)
    • 135X17 Needle System

      Point style: RG 
      Coating: Titanium Nitrate (GEBEDUR®) 
      Length butt to eye: 389 
      Shank diameter: 200

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